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Advantages And Disadvantages In The Changes In The Medical Field

There are positive and negatives to the changes in the medical field. Of course there is better technology that has been developed to use in the medical world, as well as better techniques that doctors and technicians can use to improve how they are able to treat patients. One of the more frustrating and upsetting parts of working in the medical field are the strict insurance companies with their rigid rules they follow about treatment without concern to the way it might affect whether people get treatment or not, how it affects their quality of life, or whether people die or not. There are always budget concerns at the doctor’s level, and the hospital level, then they have to deal with whether the Insurance Company will pay and what they cover or will not cover. There is also the problem of whether people are capability of paying their bill, their deductible, or their co-pay.

Medical staff is now able to provide much better care to their patients and as research improves, it will help doctors become better at handling people’s health problems in a more cost-efficient way. The three main changes in the medical field that are making medicine better technologically is making medical records available electronically, being able to study the population scientifically, and the new guidelines to clinical practices. It also helps to be able to study patients in large numbers’; doctors can study the rate in which people die, how long people live, and how often they are sick within the healthcare system. Also by looking at the large scale population, science lets doctors look at ways to cure epidemics in a large scale way instead of having to look at the problem on a patient by patient basis. The numbers can now be used in studies to improve health care in the future.

Using information and evidence helps doctors to figure out the most likely cause of an illness based on symptoms, which then helps them figure out how to treat it. In Taiwan, doctors have instant access to statistics and information on illnesses on their computers. As healthcare changes, so do new disorders and diseases; no doctor can keep up with all the changes and new diseases and disorders. With the new software programs which cover updated and new information and evidence, they have the information to do much better. Doctors are also benefiting immensely from the drive toward electronic medical records. As simple as logging into a computer, doctors can read all of the patient’s records and all the medical treatments they have ever had and can figure out their possible illnesses. Another benefit of new technology is that it allows documentation of the statistics of the whole population. There are also great new advances that help streamline changes to the system. Software programs can help track statistics on the population that will help with diagnosing and tracking all of a patient’s procedures that can make it easier to find a patient’s past medical treatments and illnesses. This reduces paperwork and increases the amount of successful treatments that can be done and allows doctors to look at all the population when having to treat an epidemic.

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